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Pain is a symptom that the body uses to tell us that something is damaged and is intended to both draw our attention towards fixing the problem and also to limit our use of that system.

This does not mean that all pain is site specific. Meaning a painful tooth can be just that, or a heart problem, a jaw joint problem, a neck problem, a stress problem, or combinations of some of these. There are also other problems that cause a painful tooth.

One needs to trace the pain from its origin to its source.

How many times have we heard, " it must be in your head", or "you're just getting old". These are excuses fabricated to cover up a lack of knowledge or desire to be thorough.

For example if one has lower back pain and the Xray is read by a radiologist, it may come back as negative, but a chiropractor may see other important things in it and a naturopath even others. Even if the MRI and Xray are negative, why doesn't someone look to the feet for the initial problem as in pronation/supination? Or why can't most physicians help heal up a chronic strain? It is usally because they do not have the tools, time, knowledge or all the facts in the case. Remember that a neurosurgeon and osteopathic surgeon do not examine feet. It could be as simple as slipping some five dollar orthotics in your shoes or even changing to the proper shoes that cure this problem. This advise alone could save save hundreds or thousands of dollars in surgery, chiropractic manipulations, or physical therapy.

This is why we have to follow the course of all nerves that the pain comes from and examine the entire structure for dysfunction.

In my consultations I will offer many various and complete reasons for the particular pain complex with ways to diagnose and if wanted treat the problem. There is always a definite reason for pain, even if the western analysis doesn't discover it. Just think thirty years ago lots of people were dying from lymes disease but were misdiagnosed because there was no proper lab test.

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