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This can be very frustrating to both patient and doctor but the "kiss" technique, keep it simple stupid, seems to work best in these immune complex processes.

Let's take allergies first since some of the explanation for them also works for the immune complex diseases.

Most allergies are formed, that is to say they are not present at birth but develop after. They are actually intolerance's and can easily be reversed.

There are three basic ways that allergies enter and effect the body. Inhalant, topical, and digestive (nose, skin & mouth respectively). Each way has to due with the fact that IgA's are used up processing other complexes and so cannot be effective for allergens. IgA (Immunoglobulin A) is a complex biochemical produced daily to bind with foreign substances that try to enter the superficial surfaces of the body,thus making them too large to be absorbed either through the skin, or the mucous tissue from the nose and mouth to the end of the digestive tract.

We are, in effect like a tube, with the skin on the outer side and the respiratory tract starting with the nose and the digestive tract starting with the mouth on the inner part of the tube. Really all of this is the outside of the body, but once a substance passes through these layers it enters the inside. So just by swallowing a substance, it does not mean that it will be absorbed into the body but may just pass through. This substance we produce called IgA is again the first line of defense we have against opportunistic organisms, allergens, dirt, etc.

Once this is used up, we start absorbing the foreign substances into our deeper skin layers and trigger IgG (Imunoglobulin G) which has another function. At the first sign of a foreign substance it secretes chemicals that start breaking down the foreign substance and also attract two kinds of white cells to that area. These are called macrophages and mast cells. Macrophages are cells that are like packman and absorb the foreign substances and take them to the lymphatic system to be cleared out of the body. The mast cells are like water balloons filled with histamine. Histamine is a substance that effectively walls off the foreign body so that it does not drift deeper through the tissues or into the blood stream.

This system works great but unfortunately there are many instances when people exhibit allergy-like symptoms or immune-complex type symptoms that the system is getting tricked. It starts recognizing some part of itself as foreign or the mast cells become used up so fast that the immature ones tend to break open easily and cause a myriad of symptoms we call allergy.

When the foreign substance is too great a load for this system, some migrate to the blood stream triggering the IgE (Immunoglobulin E) system. These in effect, take copies of the foreign substance, albeit from internal sources like our own self or external like allergens, and carry it to the lymph system. This system, for this function, produces what we call Ab (antibodies) which attack the foreign substance on a whole body scale. This is when we get systemic symptoms like hives, swelling, malaise, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, shock, or multiple symptoms.

These have been to name a few- collitis, spastic colon, maldigestion, lupus, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, edema, eczema, leaky gut syndrome, and anemia. You get the idea. Not that all these names are caused by the allergy-immune problems I mentioned, as they all have various causes, but many times it is the cause.

We have to find the cause, correct it, and relieve the symptoms. Generally this is not complicated, but often some of the simpler causes, system dysfunctions, and treatments are overlooked. Until those are done we can take a pro-active
attitude and make our environment safe for us.

Fortunately, we can reduce allergens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, pollutants, mites, even smoke from cooking and wood stoves by 99.9%, from our homes. This at least gives us a healthy environment to spend our time in and let our bodies rest from the constant assault it seems to be getting on a daily basis out side of our homes. If you have ever shinned a flashlight in the dark after even walking across a rug, you have probably noticed the millions of small particles floating in the air. What you haven't seen are the billions of microscopic ones that are also present.

There is an air purifier that works with electrostatic charges similar to the natural effect of lightning. When lightning strikes, Ozone is created which you can often smell. That is the fresh smell after a summer thunderstorm. Ozone(O3) is produced and has the ability to bind with pollutants, allergens, bacteria and the like. It is like nature's purifier. I have used this purifyer in my office for many years and my patients always comment on how fresh and clean the air smells. Since I see many people with allergies/intolerences to inhallant substances, I try to make my clinic as user friendly as possible. If you would like more information on this air purifier the site to use is Use the PASSWORD: GUEST. There are all the scientific data and practical applications available on these purifyers at this site. From personal experience and patient feedback, I can state that these make a positive impact on anyone's life and especially the allergic/auto-immune sufferer. 

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