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Try this way of eating and see how much better you feel and look.

This is quite a complicated field of medicine but in general all people could eat with a basic formula and modify it as needed.

My formula has been taken from studying the older civilizations and drawing a conclusion that most eat the same ratio of foods. They may substitute different vegetables or grains for one another but the ratio is the same.

Here it is. If you had a big glass bowl and everything you ate for the day was put in it, you should see(by cooked volume):

20% - protein (meat, chicken, fish, soy, nuts) - no milk, cheese can be used as a condiment or flavoring agent.

20% - grain (oats, wheat, barley, rye, cous cous, etc.)- I also put beans, potatoes, & corn in this category.

60% - cooked vegetables (1/2 should be dark green leaf veggies such as collards kale, swiss chard, mustard greens, beet tops; the other 1/2 any other kind).

Liquids - listen to what your body needs, if thirsty drink, if not don't. Use water, carbonated water, vegetable juice and herbal teas.

Fruits - use as desserts, snacks- no fruit juices.

Mid-day meals should be the largest, followed by breakfast, then the evening meal.

Eat till you are full. Don't count calories.

Each meal does not have to be in this ratio, just at the end of the day the bowl must look like the above.

Add in a multiple vitamin/mineral/superfood complex made from food.

Try to eat organic or garden raised foods and meats. Do not get obsessive about food sources, after all we are living in the 21st century and good food sources are sometimes hard to come by.

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