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             Aesthetic Medicine General Information 

    Let's face it, no pun intended!  We all, given a perfect world, would wish to stay young looking and vibrant. Aesthetic medicine was developed to take care of the way we appear to ourselves and others. It certainly does not claim to address the inner working of our bodies, but just the external appearance.  Certainly everyone knows by now that the external is in great part a manifestation of internal organ health but environmental, nutritional, genetic, and traumatic factors also play a significant part.  

   Anti-aging medicine is the other half so to speak of aesthetic medicine.  Its role is to counteract the effects of age on the endocrine system with hormone replacement therapies and nutraceutical supplementation. 

   Aesthetic medicine can be broken down into two distinct categories; surgical and non-surgical.  In the first; surgical, we have structural repair, liposuction,and implants.      
   The second; non-surgical has recently  come to the forefront of medicine because of the "no down time" aspect, the recent scientific and clinical advances, and the relative inexpense compared with the surgical alternative.  Of course it cannot completely replace surgery but it offers patients both alternatives to and even additions to surgery.  Non-surgical aesthetic medicine includes: Mesotherapy, Broad band light or Intense pulsed light, Laser, Facial fillers, Cosmeceuticals, Nerve paralyzers, and Spa type treatments(face peels, clay packs, face massages, waxing,etc)

   Other areas of this site describe in depth each of the non-surgical asthetic therapies but below is a brief outline of each with its intended use.

Mesotherapy-  a french technique of micro injections containing various botanical, vitamin, amino acid, or homeopathic preparations.  Its main uses are  for cellulite removal, fat removal, hair growth, and facelifts.
I find this most useful in my practise with sometimes spectacular reults

Broad band light(IPL)- or Intense pulsed light is a machine that delivers concentrated light to a specific area in a certain range of nanometers.  Its main uses are for pigmented lesions(sun spots, age spots, hyprpigmentation); acne; hair removal; vasular lesions; light to moderate wrinkles, and facelifts.  It can be used  with or without levulon. I use the Aesthera(PPx) photo-pneumonic therapy machine as it the only completely painless therapy.

Laser- Light directed to a specific area in a much shorter wavelength then broad band. Used for much the same reasons as in broad band light but not for acne and facial peels are added. 

Facial fillers- Natural, semi-synthetic, or synthetic substances for injection into the dermis. Either short lasting 4-6 months or long lasting 1-3 years. Used for deep wrinkles, sunken scars, building up of facial features such as cheeks and jaw lines,and lip enhancement. I use Radiesse filler for long term effects and Restylane for lip enhancement and short term effects.

Cosmeceuticals- Natural, semi synthetic and synthetic botanicals, nutraceuticals, minerals , amino acids, growth factors etc. applied to the face, neck, chest, and hands on a daily basis.  Used for skin rejuvenation, acne, hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, and face lifts and light wrinkles.  I use Obagi Nu derm and Obagi-C systems in my practise.

Nerve Paralyzers- Botulinum toxin(Botox) is strictly a nerve paralyzer injected subdermally . It is used to inhibit all nerve transmission to a particular muscle or group so that the face appears relaxed and without wrinkles. I use this in my practise but very sparingly and sometimes begrudgingly because of the short acting nature and the sometimes dangerous outcomes.

To be continued..........................







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