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Alternative & Western Therapy
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Laboratory Diagnosis

o Pain
o Allergies / Immune System
o Chronic Fatigue
o Fibromyalgia
o Reproductive Hormones
o Thyroid Hormones
o Heavy Metal Poisoning
o Lyme Disease

Blood Sugar Abnormalities (Hyper or Hypoglycemia)

o First Aid


General Philosophy

Health is happiness and the physical / emotional / spiritual freedom to enjoy.

First, do no harm.

All disease / dysfunction has a superficial sympton complex (branch) and a deeper internal cause (root).

All symptoms are a manifestation of an imbalance within one or more bodily functions.

All disease or functional disorders are casued by one or more of the following: poor nutrition, poor lifestyle, infection, inflammation, or trauma.

Most infection is caused by opportunistic organisms that live off a susceptible host.

Most inflammation is caused by poisons, chemicals, over indulgence in poor foods, or lack of the body to clear out processed metabolites.

Trauma can be external - acute (burn, fall, cut, etc.) or chronic repetitive (computer, assembly line, long distance running, etc.), or it can be internal-acute (poisoning, severe stress, or physical damage to organs, etc.), or chronic (continual chemical exposure or maldigestion / elimination, etc.).

If there is severe pain or dysfunction - treat the branch first, then the root cause levitra generika rezeptfrei kaufen.

If there is mild pain or dysfunction treat just the root cuase.

Everything is medicine (foods, liquids, prescriptions, botanicals, physical therapy, excercise, air color, gems, massage, clothing, meditation, cosmetics, etc.) and all can be either helpful in the right dosage or harmful in the wrong dosage.

Information and the proper use of it is the first step to health.

All people are individuals and have specific needs on all levels.

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They are the sole opinion of Dr. Schwartz and are not intented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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