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PPx therapy’s patented process combines the unique properties of therapeutic light with pressure (pneumatic energy) to bring you a breakthrough method for the treatment of unwanted hair, uneven pigment and unwanted veins

A “pulling up” motion gently lifts a small amount of the treatment area into a specially designed hygienic treatment tip. Targets (unwanted hair, unwanted pigments and unsightly veins) are lifted and brought closer to the skin’s surface. When therapeutic light is applied, the light is converted to a gentle heat energy which is absorbed by the target (unwanted hair, unwanted pigments and unsightly veins). The energy applied is concentrated in the target to be destroyed, protecting the surrounding normal tissue. Skin is then instantly returned to its normal position and the treatment handpiece is moved onto the next treatment area. The process is repeated until the entire treatment area is covered.

PPx Therapy : Up to 5 times Safer * 

PPx therapy is upto 5x efficient in the delivery of energy to unwanted hair, pigment and veins.  This highly efficient delivery of energy allows PPx therapy to use a fraction of the energy that other treatments require, making PPx therapy safer than other treatment modalities.* 

As the above graph indicates, when compared to other treatment technologies, PPx therapy uses lower overall energies. Energy is concentrated in the target to be destroyed, protecting the surrounding normal tissue. As a result, PPx therapy is associated with no pain and is up to 5 times safer than traditional laser treatment methods.

PPx therapy is a revolutionary skin treatment that was designed with your complete safety and comfort in mind.

Before the Treatment:
Before treatment begins, your physician will apply a soothing mist to your skin, to hydrate it.

NOTE: Since PPx therapy is designed to provide you with the safest and most hygienic treatment experience available, your physician will use a brand new tip for each treatment (hair removal, removal of unwanted pigment, removal of unwanted veins) and body part (back, legs, upper lip, under arm etc) that you have treated.

During Treatment:
Your treatment provider will place the Aesthera handpiece on the area to be treated. Based on your skin type (the amount of melanin in your skin) and the body part being treated, appropriate settings will be selected.

You will feel a gentle and warm sensation as your skin is drawn into the treatment tip. In less than a second, mild light energy will be applied and you will feel your skin being gently released back into normal position. Your treatment provider will then move on to the next treatment area, and repeat the process over the entire treatment area.

In a recent clinical study, 100% of patients reported no pain during treatment. Treatment sensation was most commonly described as being similar to that of a  warm massage.

Photopneumatic therapy is very fast. Below is a comparison of typical treatment durations for commonly requested treatments.

Body Part
PPx Therapy
Treatment Time (mins)
Skin Rejuvenation - Face
Skin Rejuvenation - Chest
Hair Removal - Bikini
Hair Removal - Under Arm
Hair Removal - Legs
Hair Removal - Back

Post Treatment:
There are no post-treatment regimens associated with PPx Therapy. So once your treatment is done, you are free to resume your normal activities.


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