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Laboratory analysis

Laboratory analysis can be very valuable in completing a diagnosis but can also be mis-read, mis-interpreted, and often times can totally mis-lead a physician/patient team. Some tests are often the last thing to change to abnormal even though years of the same complaints have existed. Other times they never change because they are not accurate enough or even do not exist.

Some other lab tests that are very valuable are rarely used as they are not known by many, insurance companies do not allow them, or some physicians do not believe they are indeed valuable.

Use your lab but do not count on them for your diagnosis, count on them to possibly back up your clinical impressions. Do not be afraid to try laboratories or tests that have been proven to be extremely effective but are used by few because of the reasons stated above comprar kamagra gel.

There are specialty labs out there that are excellent in their respective fields such as stool analysis, heavy metal analysis, live cell analysis, hair analysis, arterial stretch indexes, bacterial and viral analysis, hormone analysis and the like.

In my consultations I will recommend the lab tests that are needed with the specific ones that will give conclusive answers, needed either for positive or negative results for a specific case.

Sometimes laboratory analysis will waste lots of time ,money, and not to mention bodily fluids, when they are entirely unnecessary. An example of this is in the case of "allergies". Why waste time discovering what the offending allergen is when they constantly change and the therapy would be the same for all of them regardless.

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