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Allopathic (Western) and Alternative Medicine

The purpose of this section is to educate people as to why things are the way they are, what is the driving force, and what possible ways things could be worked out in the medical arts.

Nowadays people tend to think of medicine in separate categories, in actuality, all medicine should be thought of in the same terms ... does it address the true problem and does it do the most good with the least harmful effects? It should address the patients best interests and use whatever tools are available to achieve the quickest resolution and most permanent cure / reversal with the least harm.

This, though, is not the current model of therapy for either school of thought. Each in it's separate way distance themselves from each other. Unfortunately the medical field is more to blame for this philosophy then anyone. Fortunately, there is an ever growing population of medical practitioners that are more free in their thought processes. It still will be a generation or two from now before we see any true blending of the healing arts, but I feel confident that in time this will indeed happen.

The allopathic medicine model is to find a cure based upon control of the body or environment, or by use of corrective surgery. A typical example would be a case of osteoarthritis. Either hormone replacement therapy or a semi-hormone which stops bone demineralization would be prescribed. Also bone density tests would be used to keep a check on the progress or halt of demineralization. Possibly, the patient would be advised to take 1000-2000 mg of calcium. An NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) such as Celebrex might also be prescribed for pain and swelling.

The alternative medicine model would be to give strict nutrition advise to reverse the demineralization along with a high quality multiple vitamin/mineral formula designed specifically for osteoarthritis, physical therapy in the form of Tai Qi or yoga, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, Moxa, massage, etc., might be used for pain, swelling, and mobilization. Nutraceuticals would be used instead of NSAID's. The patient would be followed again with bone density tests or other specialized tests, possibly a homeopathic remedy would be given also. If any hormone therapy was used it would be a mexican yam derived formula through a botanical formulation or compounding pharmacy company.

Ideally, the most effective, cheapest, and least harmful of all these therapies would be used to both save the patient expense and increase the quality of life.

Part of the problem is the insurance industry and medicare. There is very little coverage at this point in time from the private sector and no coverage at all from Medicare for the alternative field of medicine. This gives the allopaths a distinct advantage both politically and economically, and additionally puts an extra burden upon the patient seeking additional care. I have seen a positive change in the insurance industry but only because of pressure from its constituents. It still has a long way to go.

Another part of the problem is the ego involved with power. That is to say that the allopaths have put themselves for the most part in a position where they are superior to their patients and the patient actually feels grateful to be able to see them for more then five minutes at a time. Forget about a phone call or a home visit. Once one is in this position it is almost impossible to relinquish. The medical industry at this point is also controlled by the insurance and petrochemical industries. A case in point would be where insurance companies will only pay for certain doctors, certain lab tests and certain medications. Even if a some physicians want to act differently, they can come under board, association and insurance scrutiny and eventually lose their license or become a renegade (not such a bad thing).

The perfect solution would be a health care system where all people would enter getting a grade based upon age, health, and occupation. This would translate into how many dollars it would cost per year for total coverage. The next year it could go up or down based upon a better or worse grade. No docking for birth defects. The physician would also be graded to whether his client base improved or declined and could get bonuses if they improved or percentage pay cuts if they declined. This is the United States and everything revolves around currency. The sooner we admit it and use it to our advantage the better off we will be. This system is quite complicated and reserved for another lecture, but this is the general drift.

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