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Chronic Fatigue

This problem is becoming endemic to western-type societies. It starts when growing up with multiple vaccinations, poor quality foods, and multiple endemic stresses. These are usually combinations of loud music, television, neon and fluorescent lights, chemical and heavy metal pollution, a frenetic pace, computer and video games, lack of exercise, and lack of morals in society. We also have a "culture" that is ever changing adding to ever decreasing personal freedoms.

With this said, all of these factors play upon the cerebellum. That is the lower portion of the upper brain that is responsible for our subconscious actions such as the ever popular "fight-flight instinct". This is the one that allows you to move away from a hot object after you touch it without realizing you have done so until it has happened. It is in otherwords instinctual. This part of the brain is just reactionary and has not changed in millions of years. It is there to protect us from harm such as fire, flood, earthquake, animal attack, etc.

In the modern world though, the constant high speed flashing of computers, television, and lighting systems allow us freedoms and convenience at the expense of our sympathetic nervous system thinking we are in a steady lightning storm. This constant input of sound, light, pollutants both external and internal eventually take its toll on our bodies. I do not believe any amount of meditation can counteract this effect. Although this type of therapy does help.

The toll this takes on our bodies starts with the nervous system in the brain(decreased ability to concentrate, decreased memory, irritability). It continues with the decreased ability of the adrenal gland to secrete cortisol and aldosterone. The adrenal glad is located above the kidneys and releases many valuable hormones in response to stress, viagra precio trauma, and electrolyte imbalances. When these hormones are decreased we have water weight gain, decreased ability to heal, decreased ability to ward off disease, and what gets to most people is fatigue.

Once this process starts, if it is not stopped by lifestyle and treatment, it begins a downward spiral. Slowly at first, then increasing in speed and severity. It starts to involve the metabolism (thyroid gland) either increasing function or most often decreasing function. Some of the symptoms are decreased tolerence to hot or cold weather, weight gain, lethargy, dry skin, digestive problems, menstrual problems, infertility, hair loss, and lack in ability to sweat.

Then the enzyme systems in our bodies slow to a halt and any body process can malfunction as systemic enzymes catalyze all biochemical reactions. From here we see all the body hormones start to malfunction as in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, androgens, etc. Typically cholesterol rises in response to stress.

If one understands the cause and the mechanism to chronic fatigue, it usually can be reversed. But too often even alternative medicine just tries to treat what they consider the offending agent, Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegali virus, Candida or the like. This will never work as these viruses or organisms are never the cause, just the outcome.

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