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                                         AESTHETIC MEDICINE  
                                       Before and After Photos

Before facial filler              
Before Facial Filler                                          After Facial Filler
  (Lip Augmentation)
 Before Mesotherapy                                  After Mesotherapy
     (The "Pinch Test" for Cellulite kjøpe kamagra dimpling)

 Before Mesotherapy                After Mesotherapy
     ( Thighs, Hips)

 Before Mesotherapy                                  After Mesotherapy
      (Waist, Abdomen, Inner & Outer Thighs)

 Before Mesotherapy                    After Mesotherapy

   Before Mesotherapy                       After Mesotherapy
   (Under Arm)

Before Mesotherapy                      After Mesotherapy
(Stomache & Buttocks)

  Before Mesotherapy                After Mesotherapy
   (Cellulite Reduction-Buttocks,Lateral/Posterior Thighs)

Mesotherapy- Neck & Chin

Mesotherapy- Under eyes

Mesotherapy- Under Eyes

       Before Facial Filler                   After Facial Filler
                (Nasolabial Lines, Lip Augmentation)

        Before Facial Filler                  After Facial Filler
               (Nasolabial Lines, Deep Cheek Lines)


Before & After Facial Filler-Lip Augmentation

Hair Removal- Arm (Aesthera PPx)

Pigmented Lesions-Hand (Aesthera PPx)

Vascular Lesions- Hand (Aesthera PPx)


Photo Rejuvenation with Broad Band Light(Radiancy)

Photo-Facial Rejuvenation with Broad Band Light(Radiancy)

Photo-Facial Rejuvenation with Broad Band Light(Radiancy)

Photo-Rejuvenation with Broad Band Light(Radiancy)


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